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"Suprimo" Turbine Air Roof Ventilator
In addition to Textile Processing machineries, we also started our manufacturing operation of "Suprimo" Turbine air roof ventilators which is working with natural wind force. Electric Power Energy is not required for the working of the Ventilators. These Turbine air roof ventilators are with the latest technology ever invented the 'Energy saver' for various industrial purpose. Normally, this unit is installed at a distance 15ft x 15ft. on the roof of industrial sheds and a single unit will cover 225 Sq. ft. inside area and reduces 3 to 7 C the inside room / hall temperature. We enclose our catalogue, copy of News paper Press Notes, and performance certificate for ventilators from our valued clients, for your information and knowledge.
“SUPRIMO” Turbine Air Roof Ventilators
New Technology - Ventilator runs without power
No Electricity - No Operating cost
Runs on natural wind power, weather and storm proof
Specially designed vanes to deflect rain water
Maintenance free
Remove stale, damp and hot air
Reduce condensation, mildew and heat damage to roof
Easy to install on any type of roofing
Reduces the temperature 3 to 7 0C of working area
Good working atmosphere increases productivity
FRP translucent hood base for ventilator, so more sunlight inside area
Appx.CFM 700 in normal wind force
Can be configured to meet required fresh Air changes
Principally it works like convective Thermal currents, centrifugal force to exhaust, Turbo design creates suction
Constructively it is strong, light weight, slight breeze enough to rotate the ventilator
It is applicable to Factories, Warehouse, workshops, Industrial sheds, domestic applications etc.
Type of Building Air Changes per hour Types of Building Air Changes per hour
Class Room 10-15 Assembly Hall 6-12
Bakeries 12-20 Auditorium 4-12
Laundry 12-30 Factories (Light) 6-12
Packing Room 8-30 Factory (Heavy) 10-30
Brewery 8-30 Transformer Room 12-30
Boiler Room 15-60 Paper Mill 8-30
Painting Shops 10-30 Warehouses 4-6
Engine Room 12-30 Textile Mill 4-12
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